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             abstract = "NiTi SMA presents application in several areas such as aerospace, 
                         robotic and it is a promising material as a biomaterial due to 
                         their shape memory and superelastic properties. This work presents 
                         the effects of surface modification by the use of nitrogen plasma 
                         immersion ion implantation (PIII), varying temperatures, and 
                         exposure time as follow: <250C/2hours, 290C/2hour, both by ion 
                         bombardment heating and 560C/1hour using sample holder heating. 
                         The samples were taken from Ti-49.93at % Ni SMA produced by the 
                         ITA group using vacuum induction melting (VIM) process. The wear 
                         resistance was analyzed by pin-on-disc test and surface 
                         characteristics (before and after the wear test) by MEV and X-ray 
                         diffraction. The DSC measurements were carried out in order to 
                         analyze the influence of PIII on the martensitic transformation 
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