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             abstract = "In this work was studied the electrochemical behavior of 
                         nanocrystalline diamond films (NCD) implanted with N2 by Plasma 
                         Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII). The NCD films were grown on 
                         silicon substrate by Chemical Vapor Deposition process using a hot 
                         filament reactor. Electrodes of doped microcrystalline diamond 
                         films with boron (BDD), nitrogen, metals or metallic groups have 
                         been extensively used to electrochemical applications because they 
                         are superior in relation to other materials, such as, vitreous 
                         carbon, graphite and platinum. These films have demonstrated to be 
                         a suitable electrode due to its extreme and beneficial properties 
                         such as mechanical hardness, chemical inertness, wide potential 
                         window, excellent stability, reproducibility and controlled 
                         conductivity, depending on the electrode doping level, morphology 
                         and microstructure. The high importance of synthetic conductive 
                         diamond is correlated to demanding applications such as wastewater 
                         treatment, electroanalysis, electrosyntesis and energy storage 
                         devices. In addition, experiments on NCD electrodes have given 
                         results that are quite similar to those obtained with BDD 
                         electrodes with some advantages. In this way, the objective of 
                         this work is to improve the properties of NCD electrodes with N2 
                         implantation. Before and after the implantation, NCD films was 
                         investigated using scanning electron microscopy, high resolution 
                         X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering spectroscopy. 
                         Electrochemical characterization showed that NCD films treated 
                         have great potential for electrochemical application.",
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