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             abstract = "The South, Southeast and Center-West regions of Brazil are often 
                         reached by Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS). These systems play 
                         an important role in the accumulated rainfall in these regions, as 
                         well as others globe's regions. The objective of this work is to 
                         find flow patterns at low and high levels of the troposphere for 
                         two cases of MCSs that occurred on October 05, 2009 and February 
                         19, 2010 over the Southeast of South America. These systems were 
                         identified analyzing satellite images of the GOES-10 and GOES-12, 
                         respectively, and their impacted on the raingauges measures with 
                         large amount of precipitation. To analyze the life cycle of these 
                         MCSs were used meteorological fields (wind, temperature, pressure, 
                         humidity, etc) from the reanalysis data of the National Centers 
                         for Environmental Prediction/ National Center for Atmospheric 
                         Research (NCEP/NCAR). Some remarkable features of MCSs were 
                         identified in the systems selected for this analysis. The data 
                         analysis looked for identifying the atmospheric conditions that 
                         gives heat and moisture supplies to the development of these 
                         systems. This work is part of a larger study, where more cases of 
                         MCS will be examined with the intention of better understanding 
                         the behavior of this system in its life cycle.",
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