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             abstract = "The purpose of the present article is to do a synoptic analysis of 
                         a severe weather event occurred in the western area of South 
                         Brazil, South of Paraguay and northeast Argentina, on September 7 
                         and 8th, 2009, and to evaluate qualitatively the objective weather 
                         forecast tool used by the operational department of CPTEC. This 
                         tool is based on a combination of indexes that come from dynamic 
                         and thermodynamic components of the atmosphere. Depending on their 
                         different thresholds, these components allow us to determine the 
                         severity degree of an event. The results show that the weather 
                         forecast objective methodology can identify in sufficient advance, 
                         not only the favorable synoptic pattern, but also the potential 
                         severe weather areas. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion 
                         that this type of methodology is very useful and applicable in a 
                         weather forecast operational environment.",
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