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             abstract = "The CLIMARS project is focused to establish a study of climate 
                         change impact the Rio Grande do Sul state (Brazil). The mesoscale 
                         model BRAMS is employed to produce the results. The Center for 
                         Weather Prediction and Climate Studies (CPTEC) from the National 
                         Institute for Space Research (INPE) provided 50 years data for 
                         analysis, from the integration of CPTEC global meteorological 
                         model. The climatology can be obtained using an average over 
                         ensemble, where the ensemble is the long range integration with 
                         variation on initial and/or boundary conditions. The DERF/ECMWF 
                         strategy was employed to obtain the climatology. The system uses 
                         four computational systems geographically distributed, where these 
                         systems are connected by the internet: a grid computing for 
                         climate change studies. The study embrace the impact on the 
                         hydrological basin of the Uruguay river, and the impact on the 
                         four most important agricultural plantations in the Rio Grande do 
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