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                         spatial-temporal images over the Amazon region. The study area is 
                         located in the Par{\'a} State, eastern Brazilian Amazonia. Using 
                         MOD09 8-day composite product from 2000 to 2009 was elaborated the 
                         EVI2 spatial-temporal series of the study area. For each pixel we 
                         performed smooth time-series applying wavelets transform method 
                         for noise reduction. The GPA objective was characterizing small 
                         symmetry breaking, amplitude and phase disorder due to 
                         spatial-temporal fluctuations driven by the deforestation and 
                         flooded changes detected by MODIS images. For the characterization 
                         of spatial-temporal series the Gradient Pattern Analysis showed a 
                         new approach to understand LULC changes in the remote sensing 
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