abstract = "Binary Systems are the the most studied sources of gravitational 
                         radiation, both theoretically and observationally. Theoretically, 
                         the mechanisms of emission and the behaviuor of the orbital 
                         parameters are well known and can be written in analytic form in 
                         several cases, which is a great advantage in terms of 
                         computational work; observationally, even though gravitational 
                         waves have not been detected yet, the strongest indication of the 
                         its existence have arisen from the observation of binary systems, 
                         more specifically the Hulse-Taylor binary pulsar. When one begins 
                         to detect gravitational radiation, one of the observed pattern of 
                         the signals will probably be of stochastic background nature 
                         because there will be a superposition of the signals emited by a 
                         plenty of sources around the Universe. So, our task here is to 
                         develop a method for summing the gravitational waves emited by 
                         cosmological binary compact systems in order to find out the shape 
                         of the spectra, that is, we will develop a method for obtaining 
                         the stochastic background generated by these systems. We use here 
                         an analogy with a problem of statistical mechanics in order to 
                         perform this sum, besides taking into account the temporal 
                         variation of the orbital parameters of the systems..",
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