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             abstract = "This study uses the InterIMAGE system and imagery from the 
                         QuickBird II optical sensor for the land use classification at two 
                         test-sites in the metropolis of S{\~a}o Paulo, Brazil. InterIMAGE 
                         is an open source and free access system for knowledge-based image 
                         classification. Within InterIMAGE human knowledge is represented 
                         as a semantic net and by user-defined rules that can emulate human 
                         reasoning based on the paradigms of the object-oriented image 
                         analysis. The two land use classifications were carried out 
                         considering the urban blocks of the test-sites as analysis units. 
                         After obtaining the land cover classifications of the two 
                         test-sites, customized features related to the composition, 
                         structure and geometrical properties of the land cover objects 
                         within these blocks were created. The description of the land use 
                         classes was done associating these customized features with 
                         membership functions and arranging these expressions in membership 
                         values aggregation structures. The proposed methodology has shown 
                         to be promising for automatic land use interpretation of complex 
                         urban areas such as that found in S{\~a}o Paulo. The land use 
                         classifications achieved Overall Accuracies above 70% in the two 
                         test-sites and Kappa Indexes of 0.69 and 0.53. This study has 
                         explored some of the main presently available potentialities of 
                         InterIMAGE for object-based and knowledge-based image 
                         classification. This application of InterIMAGE, as well as the 
                         system itself, is under development.",
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