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             abstract = "Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) films have been the focus of extensive 
                         research in recent years due to its potential application as 
                         surface coatings. Silver (Ag), crystalline diamond (NCD) and 
                         titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the form or nanoparticles were 
                         incorporated in DLC films for different applications. The films 
                         were growth on 316L stainless steel substrates from a dispersion 
                         of these nanoparticles in hexane using plasma enhanced chemical 
                         vapor deposition. The presence of SNP increases the DLC wear 
                         resistance against oxygen etching. NCD particles reduced the steel 
                         pitting corrosion, improving DLC and stainless steel 
                         electrochemical corrosion resistance and preventing aggressive 
                         ions from attacking metallic surfaces. TiO2 nanoparticles 
                         increased DLC bactericidal activity. In addition, TiO2DLC films 
                         increase the chemical interaction between bacteria and the films, 
                         which is an additional factor for the increasing bactericidal 
                         activity. From these results, nanoparticle-incorporated DLC films 
                         increase the range of applications of these coatings, adding them 
                         new properties.",
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