author = "Braga, Jo{\~a}o",
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             abstract = "The Brazilian scientific balloon program is based almost entirely 
                         at the National Institute for Space Research -INPE, which has a 
                         facility for research and development of scientific balloon 
                         systems such as telemetry, command, power supply, separation and 
                         flight train devices, ballast control systems, ATC transponders, 
                         shock absorbers and especially different launching tech-niques. 
                         The Balloon Launching Center of INPE operates since the early 70s, 
                         when the first launches were performed in cooperation with French 
                         groups for astronomical gamma-ray obser-vations. Since then, the 
                         center was involved in a large numbers of international 
                         collaborations with France, Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, 
                         Germany and Tasmania. INPEs high-energy astrophysics group 
                         developed several X and Gamma-ray experiments that were launched 
                         in balloons since the early 80s. The most complex of these 
                         payloads is the MASCO experiment, launched in 2004. It consists in 
                         a 2-ton experiment with a large gamma-ray imaging coded-mask 
                         telescope and an attitude control system developed at INPE. 
                         Currently, the high-energy group is developing a prototype balloon 
                         experiment for the MIRAX satellite, named protoMIRAX. Others 
                         scientists at INPE have also used balloons for cosmic rays, 
                         geophysics and atmospheric electricity experiments.",
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