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                         45.0W), the atmospheric lunar semidiurnal tide in the mesosphere 
                         and lower thermosphere was studied from January 2000 to October 
                         2008. Monthly tidal amplitudes and phases were estimated using 
                         hourly mean winds in seven layers of 4 km thickness each. Several 
                         amplitude and phase profiles of the lunar semidiurnal tide over 
                         Cachoeira Paulista showed characteristics of vertically 
                         propagating waves. The mean amplitudes over all heights were 
                         greater in the northward wind in January, February, May, June, 
                         July, August, November and December, but taken into account the 
                         error bars this behavior can be different in certain months. The 
                         mean phases presented characteristics appropriate to the Southern 
                         Hemisphere throughout the year, except in July. In some aspects, 
                         the results presented similarities with the atmospheric lunar 
                         semidiurnal tidal model.",
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