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             abstract = "In this paper, the morphological, structural and electrochemical 
                         properties of nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films grown on carbon 
                         fibers (CF) were investigated. The CF substrates were produced at 
                         three different heat treatment temperatures (HTT):1000, 1500 and 
                         2000 C. The HTT variation promoted different organization indexes 
                         on the CF structures. Consequently, the NCD coating formation was 
                         strongly affected by the substrate HTT. The changes in the 
                         properties of the diamond films were discussed as a function of 
                         the film morphology evolution using CH4 flow rate of 0.25, 0.5 and 
                         1.0 sccm in the feed gas. The X-ray diffraction measurements for 
                         the CF and NCD/CF composites were determinant to characterize the 
                         crystallinity of the NCD films as a function of the CF HTT and of 
                         the CH4 addition. Based on the diffractograms, the Scherrer's 
                         equation was applied to the (111) NCD peak, resulting in grain 
                         size values varying from 11.0 to 5.0 nm depending on the CH4 flow 
                         rate and on the CF HTT. The scanning electron microscopy images 
                         confirmed the deposition of a continuous NCD coating with high 
                         nucleation rate covering the whole CF, while their quality was 
                         analyzed by Raman spectroscopy measurements. The NCD grain 
                         agglomerates increased as a function of the increase in the CH4 
                         flow rate from 0.25 to 1.0 sccm, showing similar film morphology 
                         to that of the unfaceted diamond balls obtained by chemical vapor 
                         deposition. This behavior confirmed the expected tendency by 
                         decreasing the diamond quality with the CH4 addition, especially 
                         for the films grown on CF treated at 1500 and 2000 C. This 
                         performance was also corroborated by the cyclic voltammetry 
                         measurements concerning the electrode potential window and their 
                         responses in a redox couple.",
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