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             abstract = "Recent studies have shown that the evening prereversal enhancement 
                         in the equatorial ionospheric zonal electric field /vertical 
                         plasma drift (PRE) and hence post sunset spread F irregularity 
                         (ESF) generation are significantly modified by Planetary waves of 
                         a few-day (2-, 5-, 7-day) periodicity, although many specific 
                         details of which remain to be investigated. Thus the widely 
                         observed day to day/short terms variability in the PRE and ESF 
                         developments originate not only from the variable forcing (in the 
                         form of disturbance electric fields) from magnetosphere, as is 
                         well known, but a large part of it arises also from forcing by 
                         upward propagating wave from lower atmosphere. In this paper we 
                         have analyzed the PRE vertical drifts measured by an equatorial 
                         Digisonde (Fortaleza), and the mesospheric zonal and meridional 
                         winds as measured by two meteor radars operated at an equatorial 
                         site (Sao Joao de Cariri) and a low latitude sites (Cachoeira 
                         Paulista), in Brazil, together with mesospheric winds as measured 
                         by MF radar at an equatorial site (Tirunelveli) in India. The 
                         comparison of these results show the presence of oscillations of 
                         around 3 and 5-7 days of periodicities in the evening vertical 
                         drift as well as in the mesospheric wind field simultaneously in 
                         the Brazilian and Indian longitudes, which are shown to be 
                         produced by eastward propagating Equatorial Kelvin wave as well as 
                         by westward propagating planetary waves. The effects of these 
                         waves on the development of the ESF/plasma bubble irregularities 
                         are also studied.",
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