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             abstract = "We have ray-traced 15 medium-scale gravity waves (MSGWs) observed 
                         at Boa Vista (2.8N; 60.7S, dip angle 21.7) during the Conjugate 
                         Point Experiment (COPEX). Raytracing database have been composed 
                         by wind from the TIE-CGM and HWM-93 models, and temperature 
                         profiles from the TIMED/SABER measurements, NRLMSISE-00 and 
                         TIE-GCM models. Doppler up-shifted MSGWs in the MLT region reached 
                         higher altitudes and larger amplitude than un-shifted waves in the 
                         thermosphere-ionosphere. Most MSGWs propagated upwards up to 140 
                         km of altitude and seem to be unlikely candidate to trigger 
                         equatorial plasma bubbles (EPBs) at the F layer bottom side. 
                         However, five of them propagated up to the altitude close to the F 
                         layer bottom side, where they could seed EPBs directly.",
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