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             abstract = "In fields such as space, aeronautics, mobility, 
                         telecommunications, banking, or defense, systems are becoming 
                         increasingly complex, consisting of a network of interrelated and 
                         interacting components, with significant heterogeneity and diverse 
                         lifecycles. The need for continuous changes in product, process 
                         and organization in order to keep manufacturing business 
                         competitiveness, make these segments seek to apply methods to 
                         innovate and develop their complex products and services with 
                         lower costs, improved productivity and quality, and in less 
                         lead-time. This paper presents the integrated and concurrent 
                         development of a complex product and their performing 
                         organizations with System Concurrent Engineering approach that 
                         performs stakeholder analysis, requirements analysis, functional 
                         analysis and implementation architecture analysis, simultaneously, 
                         for the product, its life cycle processes and their performing 
                         organization at all levels of the product hierarchy. In order to 
                         demonstrate the System Concurrent Engineering approach and the 
                         methodology, this paper shows a Satellite Container (Mechanical 
                         Ground Support Equipments MGSE) as example of a complex systems 
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