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                         effective k  p Hamiltonian for the electronic states in IIIV 
                         semiconductor nanostructures in the presence of an external 
                         magnetic field is introduced. The mesoscopic spin-orbit (Rashba 
                         type) and Zeeman interactions are taken into account on an equal 
                         footing. It is then solved analytically for the electron effective 
                         g factor in symmetric quantum wells (g\∗QW). Comparison 
                         with different spin quantum beat measurements in GaAs and InGaAs 
                         structures demonstrates the accuracy and utility of the theory. 
                         The quantum size effects in g\∗QW are easily understood and 
                         its anisotropy g\∗QW (i.e., the difference between the 
                         in-plane and perpendicular configurations) is shown to be given by 
                         a mesoscopic spin-orbit effect having the same origin as the 
                         Rashba one.",
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