author = "Macedo, Rodrigo de Campos",
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                         remote sensing.",
             abstract = "The rational utilization of forest resources has motivated the 
                         utilization of remote sensing data not only as a tool for 
                         controlling and monitoring, but also as a support to forest 
                         inventory and its results have contributed for studies in several 
                         fields, from carbon emission to quantitative analyses of wood 
                         biomass for the cellulose production. As hypothesis, this search 
                         presumes a high correlation between the wood prognosis obtained by 
                         the multivariate regression considering Total Height, Number of 
                         Trees, Crown Area and Crown Cover Percent; and the wood prognosis 
                         obtained by the traditional methods (ground truth). The main aim 
                         of this search is evaluating the potential use of airborne LiDAR 
                         to wood prognosis in homogeneous forests of Eucalyptus spp with 
                         0.5 to 7 years of age, located in Vale do Para{\'{\i}}ba region, 
                         S{\~a}o Paulo state. It will be sampled 2,065 ha located around 
                         Igarat{\'a}, S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} dos Campos and Monteiro Lobato 
                         municipalities, which will regard several sort of forest 
                         management. It will be employed an Optech ALTM 2050 sensor of 
                         50KHz, with a 0.20m footprint, an 0.15m altimetric error and an 
                         0.50m planimetric error; GPS Novatel Millennium of 1Hz; inertial 
                         measure system Applanix. of 200Hz, and high resolution metric 
                         camera (RGB). The first stage consists of generation of digital 
                         models (Digital Surface Model DSM and, Digital Terrain Model DTM). 
                         The DTM will be validated through four altimetric profiles (with 
                         and without forest canopy; plain and hilly topography) pointed at 
                         every 2.5m by the use of optical level, precision clinometer and 
                         positioned by a DGPS and Total Station. By the subtraction of a 
                         model in another one, it will be obtained the Digital Hypsometric 
                         Model (DHM). After the discrimination of the trees, the following 
                         variables will be obtained: Number of Trees, Total Height and 
                         Crown Area. There are 110 rectangular plots of 360m2 in the farms 
                         cited above, which have been positioned with DGPS and Total 
                         Station, where the following variables have been measured: Number 
                         of Trees, DBH, Total Height, Crown Area and Crown Cover Percent. 
                         The power of correlation between these variables will be 
                         evaluated, and is be expected that there is high correlation 
                         between Total Height and DBH; Crown Area/ Crown Cover Percent and 
                         DBH, mainly. If the hypothesis be confirmed, is technically 
                         possible using the LiDAR to forest inventory in homogeneous 
                         forests of Eucalyptus spp. The following products will be obtained 
                         from this search: DSM; DTM; DHM; Harvest Map; Replanting Map; 
                         Hydrographic Map; Topographic Map (1:10.000) and the following 
                         tables information: Number of Trees, Crown Area, Crown Cover 
                         Percent, Total Height and Wood Prognosis.",
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