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             abstract = "Diamond-like carbon (DLC) film as a solid lubricant coating 
                         represents an important area of investigation related to space 
                         devices. The environment for such devices involves high vacuum and 
                         high concentration of atomic oxygen. The purpose of this paper is 
                         to study the behavior of silver-incorporated DLC thin films 
                         against oxygen plasma etching. Silver nanoparticles were produced 
                         through an electrochemical process and incorporated into DLC bulk 
                         during the deposition process using plasma enhanced chemical vapor 
                         deposition technique. The presence of silver does not affect 
                         significantly DLC quality and reduces by more than 50% the oxygen 
                         plasma etching. Our results demonstrated that silver nanoparticles 
                         protect DLC films against etching process, which may increase 
                         their lifetime in low earth orbit environment.",
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