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             abstract = "Ti6Al4V is a titanium alloy that has many applications in 
                         aerospace industry due to its good mechanical and corrosion 
                         properties, but its poor tribological characteristics can restrict 
                         the use of this material. In order to modify its surface 
                         properties, nitrogen PBII treatments were performed. Here, an 
                         auxiliary heating system was used to reach the required high 
                         temperatures, which can improve the nitrogen diffusion in the 
                         titanium alloy. As a consequence, the modified thickness could be 
                         increased substantially. After nitrogen PBII experiments, the 
                         Ti6Al4V alloy surface properties were evaluated by potentiodynamic 
                         polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, 
                         nanoindentation and pin-on-disk tests. The morphology of the 
                         surface after corrosion tests was obtained by SEM. The surface 
                         properties of the Ti6Al4V alloy were improved after PBII, showing 
                         better performance in corrosion, mechanical and tribological 
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