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             abstract = "EuTe is a magnetic semiconductor with potential applications in 
                         prototype optoelectronic and spintronic devices. In this work, we 
                         investigated the structural properties of EuTe grown on BaF2(111) 
                         substrates by molecular beam epitaxy. X-ray diffraction 
                         measurements were performed on two series of samples with 
                         different growth times and temperatures. The growth occurs in the 
                         Volmer-Webber mode, with initial formation of islands that then 
                         coalesce to form thin films. The islands size, mosaic spread, and 
                         strain state are deduced as a function of growth conditions. 
                         Surprisingly, the EuTe islands exhibit in-plane tensile strain, 
                         while compressive strain is expected for structures grown over a 
                         substrate with smaller lattice parameter. The islands tensile 
                         strain relaxes with increasing deposition times and substrate 
                         temperature, and it tends to zero for thick EuTe films. We propose 
                         that the EuTe/BaF2 lattice mismatch is compensated by the 
                         formation of interfacial misfit dislocations. The growth 
                         conditions out of equilibrium favor the formation of a metastable 
                         state with a high concentration of dislocations that 
                         over-compensates the original misfit. This is in agreement with 
                         the observed reduction of tensile strain as the substrate 
                         temperature increases.",
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