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             abstract = "It is known that blocking events have impacts on the behaviour of 
                         transient systems and affect the weather in southern continental 
                         regions of the Southern Hemisphere. Since the main mode of 
                         variability in Southern Hemisphere, the annular mode, or Antarctic 
                         Oscillation (AAO), changes the extratropical atmospheric 
                         circulation, the blocking characteristics over Pacific and 
                         Atlantic Oceans are analysed in this study, in terms of the two 
                         opposing phases of the AAO. The characteristics of atmospheric 
                         flow patterns and blocking events are analysed as a function of 
                         season during the period 1979-2000. The relative frequency of 
                         blocked days is different for each AAO phase. Maximum duration and 
                         number of events over the Southwestern Pacific and South Atlantic 
                         regions occur in the positive phase, while the blocking activity 
                         over the Southeastern Pacific region is similar in the two phases 
                         but the persistence is higher in the negative phase. The 
                         atmospheric anomalous centres associated with middle latitude and 
                         polar AAO signals, as well as the behaviour of subtropical and 
                         polar jets are discussed in relation to the blocking 
                         characteristics. Convection over South America is analysed for 
                         blocking periods in each AAO phase and is discussed based on 
                         anomalous circulation in each phase. Wavetrain patterns over the 
                         South Pacific and variations in intensity of jet streams induce 
                         anomalous circulation over South America, which are associated 
                         with the track and persistence of transient systems over 
                         Southeastern South America and with convection over the 
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