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                         Galactic center region, performed on two years of data from LIGO's 
                         fifth science run from two LIGO detectors. The search uses a 
                         semicoherent approach, analyzing coherently 630 segments, each 
                         spanning 11.5 hours, and then incoherently combining the results 
                         of the single segments. It covers gravitational wave frequencies 
                         in a range from 78 to 496 Hz and a frequency-dependent range of 
                         first-order spindown values down to -7.86 x 10(-8) Hz/s at the 
                         highest frequency. No gravitational waves were detected. The 
                         90\\% confidence upper limits on the gravitational wave 
                         amplitude of sources at the Galactic center are similar to 3.35 x 
                         10(-25) for frequencies near 150 Hz. These upper limits are the 
                         most constraining to date for a large-parameter-space search for 
                         continuous gravitational wave signals.",
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