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                         state during december of 2011 / Padr{\~o}es de 
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                         chuvas an{\^o}malas, synoptic clasification, principal 
                         components, anomalous rainfall.",
             abstract = "This paper presents a classification of atmospheric circulation 
                         fields in surface and 500 hPa over South America during the month 
                         of December, in order to identify the main synoptic patterns that 
                         influence the weather in the Southeast region of Brazil, 
                         especially in the state of Minas Gerais (MG). To this purpose, the 
                         Rotated Principal Component Analysis technique was applied to the 
                         NCEP reanalysis for the period 1986-2011. The principal aim of 
                         this classification was to determine the circulation patterns 
                         prevailing during the month of December 2011 related to the 
                         anomalous rainfall occurred in the State of Minas Gerais (MG). The 
                         results provide six circulation patterns in surface and four 
                         circulation patterns in altitude that are representative of about 
                         72.8% and 94% of all the cases, respectively. Three main surface 
                         circulation patterns associated with higher probability of 
                         precipitation over the State of MG were found. One of them was 
                         associated with the advance of a cold front that reaches the 
                         southern part of the Southeast region of Brazil (PSP2-Sup), and 
                         two others (PSP3-Sup and PSP5-Sup) related to a {"} dipole{"} 
                         blocking configuration over Atlantic ocean determined by an 
                         anticyclone located around 50  W, 45  S and a low positioned 
                         north of the anticyclone around 25  S. At 500 hPa two main 
                         circulation patterns were associated with the occurrence of 
                         significant precipitation over the State of MG reflecting the low 
                         level circulation; one associated with a cold front (PSP2-500) and 
                         another related to a {"} dipole{"} blocking situation over the 
                         Atlantic Ocean (PSP4-500). The anomalous rainfall observed during 
                         December 2011 were associated directly with the PSP3-Sup and 
                         PSP4-500 and both of them were related to the performance of South 
                         Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ) episodes.",
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