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             abstract = "The present work performs a computational study of a supersonic 
                         flow in a two-parallel-plates microchannel. Effects of incomplete 
                         surface accommodation on the surface properties of the 
                         microchannel were investigated by employing the Direct Simulation 
                         Monte Carlo (DSMC) method in combination with the 
                         Cercignani-Lampis-Lord (CLL) gas-surface interaction model. The 
                         work focuses the attention on the heat flux, pressure, and shear 
                         stress distributions on the parallel-plate surfaces due to 
                         differences in the accommodation coefficients of the lower and 
                         upper surfaces of the microchannel. It was found that 
                         accommodation coefficients have different influence on heat 
                         transfer, pressure and skin friction coefficients for the 
                         conditions investigated. The analysis showed that changes on the 
                         accommodation coefficients of the upper surface affected the wall 
                         pressure and the heat flux to the lower surface.",
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