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             abstract = "An attractive transmission-reflection method based on 
                         reference-plane invariant and thickness-independent expressions 
                         has been proposed for accurate and unique retrieval of complex 
                         permittivity of dielectric liquid samples. The method uses both 
                         branch-index-independent expressions and a restricted solution set 
                         for determining unique and fast complex permittivities. A 2D 
                         graphical method has been applied to demonstrate the operation and 
                         validation of the proposed method. A uncertainty analysis has been 
                         performed to monitor how the accuracy of the proposed method can 
                         be improved by a correct selection of sample holder properties. 
                         Scattering parameter measurements of two tested reference liquids 
                         (distilled water and methanol) have been carried out for 
                         comparison of various techniques with the proposed one when the 
                         reference-planes and sample thickness are not precisely known. We 
                         note from the comparison that whereas other techniques are 
                         seriously affected by imprecise knowledge of both reference-planes 
                         and sample thickness, the proposed method removes this 
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