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             abstract = "We propose a non-resonant-type method for reference-plane 
                         invariant and thickness-independent permittivity measurement of 
                         solid dielectric materials when there is no information from 
                         permittivity. To achieve this, we derive a 
                         branch-index-independent function and verify that it determines 
                         the sample thickness and permittivity without resorting to finding 
                         the correct branch index value for three different measurement 
                         scenarios: (a) measurements at closely separated frequencies of 
                         non-dispersive samples, (b) measurements at largely separated 
                         frequencies of non-dispersive samples, and (c) measurements at 
                         largely separated frequencies of dispersive samples. Via a 
                         differential uncertainty analysis, the effect of inaccurate sample 
                         thickness on permittivity determination is also presented for 
                         demonstration of the improvement achieved by our method. For 
                         validation, we measured the permittivity of an approximately 20 mm 
                         PTFE sample using the presented method and compared its result 
                         with those from other similar methods. From the comparison, we 
                         note that the accuracy of tested methods from literature 
                         drastically decreases when accurate information of sample 
                         thickness is not known (in addition to a further decrease in 
                         accuracy when correct transformation factors from reference-planes 
                         are not known a priori), while the accuracy of our method is not 
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