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                         dielectric properties and microstructure and TiO2 
                         crystalline-phase characteristics (rutile and anatase) in 
                         ZnO-TiO2-Nb2O5 system ceramics. Such ceramics were produced from 
                         powder mixtures of zinc oxide, niobium oxide and titanium oxide. 
                         Powder mixtures were compressed by pressing (100 MPa uniaxial and 
                         300 MPa isostatic) and sintered at 1100, 1200 and 1250 C. The 
                         sintered ceramics were characterized on the crystalline phases, 
                         density and microstructure and microwave frequencies. As for the 
                         microwave dielectric properties, dielectric constant, quality 
                         factor and thermal coefficient in the temperature range from -20 
                         to 50 C were measured. The results showed that the type of 
                         titanium oxide structure (rutile or anatase) causes influence on 
                         the type and quantity of crystalline phases in relative density of 
                         sintered ceramics and, consequently in their dielectric properties 
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