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                         incidence, enhancing aerosol emissions with degradation in air 
                         quality. Quantifying the synergic influence of climate and 
                         human-driven environmental changes on human health is, therefore, 
                         critical for identifying climate change adaptation pathways for 
                         this vulnerable region. Here we show a significant increase 
                         (1.2%-267%) in hospitalisations for respiratory diseases in 
                         children under-five in municipalities highly exposed to drought. 
                         Aerosol was the primary driver of hospitalisations in drought 
                         affected municipalities during 2005, while human development 
                         conditions mitigated the impacts in 2010. Our results demonstrated 
                         that drought events deteriorated children's respiratory health 
                         particularly during 2005 when the drought was more geographically 
                         concentrated. This indicates that if governments act on curbing 
                         fire usage and effectively plan public health provision, as a 
                         climate change adaptation procedure, health quality would improve 
                         and public expenditure for treatment would decrease in the region 
                         during future drought events.",
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