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             abstract = "The Point-Feature Cartographic Label Placement (PFCLP) problem 
                         consists of placing text labels to point features on a map 
                         avoiding overlaps to improve map visualization. This paper 
                         presents a Clustering Search (CS) metaheuristic as a new 
                         alternative to solve the PFCLP problem. Computational experiments 
                         were performed over sets of instances with up to 13,206 points. 
                         These instances are the same used in several recent and important 
                         researches about the PFCLP problem. The results enhance the 
                         potential of CS by finding optimal solutions (proven in previous 
                         works) and improving the best-known solutions for instances whose 
                         optimal solutions are unknown so far. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All 
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