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             abstract = "We present an analytical framework for the delay analysis of the 
                         distributed coordinated scheduling in the IEEE 802.16 Wireless 
                         Network in mesh mode. We designed a queuing model that expresses 
                         the network limits accurately. The queuing model is of the type 
                         M/G/1/L developed using Linear Algebraic Queuing Theory. After 
                         modeling one node, an iterative method is used to calculate the 
                         traffic flowing in the whole network. With this model, it is 
                         possible to calculate the end-to-end delay and the throughput 
                         limit of the link layer. An algorithm is presented that applies a 
                         strategy to provide fair resource sharing. The numerical results 
                         and simulations for different topologies show that the model is 
                         accurate and that the fairness strategy effectively reduces the 
                         end-to-end delay.",
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