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             abstract = "This study aims at carrying out a bio-optical characterization of 
                         two Brazilian hydroelectric reservoirs as a support to current 
                         investigation regarding their net carbon budget. This 
                         characterization is a key step for both (1) developing bio-optical 
                         models to retrieve water constituents by remote sensing and (2) 
                         describing the availability of light for photosynthesis, whose 
                         information is essential to understand biogeochemical processes 
                         related to emissions of methane and carbon dioxide in aquatic 
                         systems. Twenty-two sampling stations were profiled at each 
                         reservoir, using an attenuation-absorption meter (ACS-WET Labs) 
                         and a set of six Ramses radiometers (TriOS). Water samples were 
                         acquired at each sampling station for determining concentrations 
                         of optically active constituents. The results showed spatial 
                         heterogeneity in the concentration of constituents which ranged 
                         from 1.17-40.45ugL-1 for chlorophyll-a, 0.26-20.41 mgL-1 for total 
                         suspended sediments, 0.93-9.48 mgL-1 for dissolved total carbon 
                         and 0.93-3.87 m-1 for CDOM absorption. The diffuse attenuation 
                         coefficient (Kd(PAR)), ranged from 0.35 to 4.03 m-1 while euphotic 
                         depth (Zeu (1%)) ranged from 1.14 to 13.06 m.",
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