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                         resistivity properties of synthetic diamondfilms grown by hot 
                         filament chemical vapor deposition (HFCVD) was investigated. Eight 
                         different dopinglevel concentrations varied from 500 to 30,000 ppm 
                         were considered. The polycrystalline morphologyobserved by 
                         scanning electron microscopy and Raman spectra was strongly 
                         affected by the addition ofboron. The electric characterization by 
                         Hall effect as a function of temperature and magnetic field 
                         showedthat at sufficiently low temperatures, electrical conduction 
                         is dominated by variable range hopping (VRH)conducting process. 
                         The resistivity was also investigated by temperature-dependent 
                         transport measure-ments in order to investigate the conduction 
                         mechanism in the doped samples. The samples exhibitedthe VRH (m = 
                         1/4) mechanism in the temperature range from 77 to 300 K. The 
                         interface between metal,and our HFCVD diamond was also 
                         investigated for the lower doped samples.",
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