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             abstract = "Precipitation hardening stainless steels are extensively used as a 
                         material for plastic injection dies because of their dimensional 
                         stability during hardening, impact strength and wear and corrosion 
                         resistance. Plasma surface engineering can enhance even more the 
                         working life of these components preserving them from wear and 
                         corrosion damage by means of surface modification or coatings. In 
                         this work PH stainless steel Corrax® was ion nitrided and coated 
                         with DLC in a modified PACVD duplex process. DLC films are known 
                         not only for their hardness but also for their low friction 
                         coefficient, features that improve the wear resistance of steel 
                         components. Adhesion tests were performed; wear resistance was 
                         tested in a pin on disk machine with different counterparts and in 
                         the abrasion ASTM G65 test. Nitrided samples were compared in all 
                         tests with DLC only coated samples and the duplex ones (nitriding. 
                         +. coating). The thickness of the nitrided layer was of 14. ¼m, 
                         and the coating, 1.8. ¼m. The duplex samples had the best abrasive 
                         wear resistance; their mass loss was almost negligible and within 
                         the error of the instrument. The only coated samples had a very 
                         low mass loss compared with the only aged steel, but the coating 
                         was detached.The coated samples presented a low friction 
                         coefficient, about 0.03 against alumina and the no wear loss was 
                         detected. On the other hand, only the duplex samples presented an 
                         acceptable adhesion in the Rockwell C indentation test with 600. N 
                         and the critical load was 28. N in the scratch test.",
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