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                         mapper, NDVI, performance assessment, satellite imagery, spatial 
                         resolution, vegetation mapping.",
             abstract = "Simulation methods of orbital images are usually applied to 
                         evaluate the performance of a specific sensor. From the use of 
                         these techniques, is possible to analyze and estimate the behavior 
                         of predict sensor images, allowing an analysis of future 
                         applications. In this context, is necessary the assessment of 
                         satellite-based images and the possible applications derived by 
                         CBERS-4, which should be released at the end of 2014 and will have 
                         a policy of free distribution of the data. Thus, this study aims 
                         at evaluating the potential of the camera CBERS-4 MUX with 20 m 
                         spatial resolution for land cover mapping. For this, images MUX 
                         are simulated from RapidEye image using filtering techniques based 
                         on the imaging process. To evaluate the simulation results, an 
                         image of the camera Landsat-5 TM is processed to produce a land 
                         cover and NDVI maps and compare them to the maps generated by the 
                         simulated CBERS-4 MUX image. The experiments show that the results 
                         obtained by simulated image MUX were very similar to the ones 
                         obtained by TM-5. Overall, the classifications of land cover for 
                         the MUX and TM sensors exhibit good agreement, with an overall 
                         accuracy of 87% and Kappa of 0.72. Also, we noticed that NDVI 
                         values estimated by the MUX are 25% higher than the values 
                         estimated by the TM and have a correlation of 85% (significant at 
                         0.05, Student's t test).",
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