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             abstract = "Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Vegetation Area Index (VAI) estimations 
                         have been performed in 36 sample points located in Eucalyptus sp. 
                         canopies situated in Aracruz and S{\~a}o Mateus (ES) towns and 
                         from FIBRIA S/A company. Three different techniques have been 
                         applied: destructive method, hemispherical photos taken inside the 
                         canopies and LAI-2000 (LICOR). The field data collections were 
                         carried out in two seasons in order to detect phenological changes 
                         that should affect both LAI and VAI values. LAI values estimated 
                         by destructive method were higher than VAI values estimated by the 
                         indirect methods in absolute terms. During the rainy season the 
                         relationships between LAI and VAI, for the two indirect methods, 
                         were stronger and more consistent than those verified for the dry 
                         season. The relationships between VAI (indirect methods) were 
                         consistent than those calculated between LAI and VAI.",
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