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             abstract = "The main objective of this study was to evaluate the monthly mean 
                         areal rainfall estimated using the Tropical Rainfall Measuring 
                         Mission (TRMM) 3B43 version 7 product over an inland area in 
                         Central Brazil. Furthermore, we investigated the effect of TRMM 
                         orbit boost (in August 2001) over the 3B43 estimates. The TRMM 
                         3B43 estimates were compared to reference rainfall data, collected 
                         at 67 rain gauge stations irregularly distributed in the study 
                         area. The results showed a good agreement between the TRMM 3B43 
                         areal monthly mean rainfall estimations and reference data (r > 
                         0.97). The error analysis showed that the TRMM 3B43 product tends 
                         to overestimate the areal monthly mean rainfall at approximately 
                         1.24%. The root-mean-square error (RMSE) for the entire period was 
                         19.66 mmmonth-1 (15.75%). A Monte Carlo simulation and Wilcoxon 
                         statistical test showed that the RMSE increased significantly 
                         (p-value <0.01) after the boost, rising from 15.20 to 23.06 
                         mmmonth -1. However, the increase in the RMSE does not preclude 
                         the use of the TRMM 3B43 product for estimating the monthly mean 
                         areal rainfall over the Upper Paran{\'a} watershed. The impacts 
                         of boost on TRMM 3B43 estimates were observed only for rainfall 
                         rates higher than 250 mmmonth-1. © 2014 SPIE.",
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