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             abstract = "In order to overcome the high residual stress and low adherence of 
                         amorphous hydrogenated carbon (a-C:H) films on steel substrates, a 
                         thin amorphous silicon interlayer was deposited as an interface 
                         between the substrate and a-C:H films produced by using hexane 
                         vapor as a precursor gas. Amorphous silicon interlayer and a-C:H 
                         films were grown by employing a modified and asymmetrical bipolar 
                         pulsed-DC plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) 
                         system, using silane and hexane atmospheres, respectively. The 
                         a-C:H films were analyzed according to their microstructure, and 
                         mechanical and tribological properties as a function of self-bias 
                         voltage. The chemical composition and hydrogen content of the 
                         a-C:H films were estimated by means of Raman scattering 
                         spectroscopy. The total stress was evaluated through the 
                         measurement of the substrate curvature, using a profilometer, 
                         while nanoindentation experiments helped determine the films' 
                         hardness. The friction coefficient and critical load were 
                         determined by using a tribometer. The corrosion resistance was 
                         evaluated by electrochemical potentiodynamic polarization 
                         techniques on a 3% solution of sodium chloride (NaCl). The results 
                         showed that the use of the amorphous silicon interlayer, deposited 
                         by low energy ion implantation, improved the a-C:H film deposition 
                         onto steel substrates, producing good adhesion, low compressive 
                         stress, and a high hardness. The composition, the microstructure, 
                         and the mechanical and tribological properties of the films were 
                         strongly dependent on the self-bias voltages. These results 
                         suggest that a combination of a modified pulsed-DC PECVD system 
                         and hexane as a precursor gas for growing a-C:H films may 
                         represent a good and new alternative for coating scaling for 
                         mechanical and tribological applications.",
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