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             abstract = "In this work, the photoacoustic spectroscopy and the open 
                         photoacoustic cell method are employed in the thermo-optical 
                         characterization of hydrogenated amorphous carbon thin films. The 
                         samples were fabricated in a modified plasma-enhanced chemical 
                         vapor deposition system with varying deposition time from 2 to 30 
                         min. The optical absorption spectrum was determined for 
                         wavelengths of 300 to 2200 nm. The optical transmission spectrum 
                         was also recorded from photoacoustic spectroscopy. The energy gap 
                         was determined from the optical absorption spectra. The thermal 
                         diffusivity was found using open photoacoustic cell technique. The 
                         thickness of the films was confirmed to be an important parameter 
                         for the optimization of the fabrication process and the 
                         improvement of thermo-optical performances of the thin films. 
                         Spectroscopic results showed lower absorption and UV transparency 
                         for the thinner film. In the infrared region the -OH band 
                         decreased with increasing film thickness. On the other hand, the 
                         thermal diffusivity measurement presented an increase of this 
                         variable with decreasing film thickness.",
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