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                         diamond-like carbon (DLC) films on four metal substrates, 
                         stainless steels AISI 304 and ASTM F138, carbon steel AISI 1020, 
                         and Ti6Al4V alloy, are presented. The DLC films were deposited 
                         using a modified pulsed-dc plasma enhanced chemical vapor 
                         deposition technique. With the aim to improve the film adhesion, 
                         surface modification like nitriding, carbonitriding, and 
                         carburizing were used previously to DLC film depositions. Strong 
                         DLC films' stress dependence of the plasma treatments was 
                         observed. The stress reduction suggests an increase in the DLC 
                         films adherence to metallic substrate. Tribological tests also 
                         confirmed these results.",
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