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             abstract = "Refractory alloys with silicides and borides have been used in 
                         high temperature applications because their elevated melting 
                         point, good oxidation resistance and high strength-to-weight 
                         ratio. The present study approaches the preparation of 
                         Ti-7.5Si-22.5B (at.-\%) alloys through high-energy ball milling 
                         and sintering. The powders and compacts obtained in these 
                         processes were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning 
                         electron microscopy (SEM), density measurements, chemical analyses 
                         and Vickers hardness. It was verified that silicon and boron 
                         powders are dissolved in the titanium during milling with an iron 
                         contamination up to 6.0 at.-\%. Furthermore, the use of short 
                         milling times and alcohol during the final stages of milling 
                         increases the powder yield. Such increasing was obtained even with 
                         a high rotary speed (300 rpm), which generally creates higher 
                         temperatures and consequently more sticking. After sintering of 
                         the as-milled powders, it was indentified mainly the 
                         Ti+Ti6Si2B+TiB+Ti5Si3 phases in the Ti-7.5Si-22.5B sintered 
                         alloys, which presented hardness values up to 800 HV. The 
                         materials produced by the present work can be employed in coating 
                         research as sputtering targets.",
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