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             abstract = "Drought is documented in causing drawdowns of surface reservoirs 
                         and impacting water supplies all over the globe. One such 
                         documented case occurred in Southern Brazil, over the Cantareira 
                         System (CS), one of the largest in the world, as well as one used 
                         to supply 8.8 million customers, including metropolitan S{\~a}o 
                         Paulo city. The March 2014 prolonged drought over the region 
                         supplying the Cantareira System caused a drop in the reservoirs 
                         down to 14.0% of their usable capacity, its lowest recorded level 
                         since 1974, the year of commencement of operation. Southeastern 
                         South America has a well-defined wet austral summer monsoon, with 
                         a marked precipitation regime of more than 800 mm of accumulated 
                         precipitation over the region, which was significantly curtailed 
                         during the drought episode. The large-scale atmospheric and 
                         oceanic patters are investigated to highlight the mechanisms 
                         associated with the drought event. In this paper, we investigated 
                         possible teleconnections of the capacity of the reservoir and sea 
                         surface temperature at remote regions. The Standard Precipitation 
                         Index (SPI), used to characterize the severity of precipitation 
                         deficiency, illustrates the magnitude and spatial extent of the 
                         interruption of precipitation supply. The paper concludes with an 
                         analysis of the performance of the seasonal precipitation forecast 
                         for December, January and February 2014 produced with the 
                         operational seasonal prediction system used at the Center for 
                         Weather Forecasts and Climate Studies of the National Institute 
                         for Space Research (CPTEC/INPE).",
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