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                         jointly congregated the Seventh GRSS/ISPRS Joint Workshop on 
                         Remote sensing and data fusion over urban areas (URBAN) and the 
                         Ninth International Symposium on Remote sensing of urban areas 
                         (URS), was held April 21\−23 at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel 
                         Convention Centre in S{\~a}o Paulo, Brazil. This biannual 
                         international event was for the first time held in South America, 
                         revealing the worldwide reach of this scientific field, dedicated 
                         to explore cutting-edge themes in urban remote sensing with 
                         respect to Information Technology and Geosciences. JURSE 2013 
                         acted as a forum of excellence where a selected group of 
                         researchers, practitioners, officers from national and 
                         international agencies, and academicians presented and discussed 
                         their latest findings and results.",
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