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                         the metamaterial (MM) is in resonance. In addition, any inaccurate 
                         information of the location of reference planes, and the effective 
                         length can seriously affect the accuracy of retrieved 
                         electromagnetic properties of MMs. By considering all these 
                         issues, in this research paper, we propose a retrieval method for 
                         reference-plane invariant and thickness-independent determination 
                         of electromagnetic parameters of MM slabs involving boundary 
                         effects. Our method first accomplishes determination of effective 
                         length of MMs and calibration-plane factors using scattering 
                         parameter measurements, aside the resonance region, of two 
                         identical MMs with different lengths. Our method then incorporates 
                         near-field effects in accurate retrieval of electromagnetic 
                         properties of MMs. The method is verified by scattering parameters 
                         simulated for a homogeneous conventional material and a weakly or 
                         negligibly coupled inhomogeneous MM slab made by two metallic 
                         concentric split-ring-resonators. Consequences of an inaccurate 
                         information of reference-plane transformation factors and the 
                         value of effective lengths and of noninclusion of near field 
                         effects on the retrieved electromagnetic properties are thoroughly 
                         discussed by way of few examples to substantiate the accuracy of 
                         the proposed method.",
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