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             abstract = "Study of plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) inside a 
                         cylindrical conductive tube which was biased in the presence of E 
                         x B fields has been carried out. This was initiated with the 
                         electrical characterization of the system with and without the 
                         incorporation of an auxiliary electrode (AE) inside the tube. It 
                         was shown that in the presence of an AE, the breakdown of the 
                         discharge during PIII is facilitated. In the presence of the AE 
                         and the magnetic field, higher discharge currents were measured 
                         even under moderate PIII operation parameters. In order to 
                         determine the effect of implantation inside the tube, stainless 
                         steel (SS) samples were implanted with nitrogen ions with and 
                         without the presence of AE. Samples treated under these two 
                         configurations demonstrate a remarkable difference in terms of 
                         morphological, structural, tribological and mechanical properties. 
                         Higher intensity peaks of expanded austenite were detected by 
                         X-ray diffraction for samples treated in discharges with the 
                         presence of the AE. This is a consequence of higher concentration 
                         of nitrogen implanted into SS, leading to an increase of the 
                         hardness and the achievement of better corrosion resistance.",
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