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             abstract = "Advances in solar instrumentation have led to widespread use of 
                         time series to study the dynamics of solar features, especially at 
                         small spatial scales and at very fast cadences. Physical processes 
                         at such scales are important as building blocks for many other 
                         processes occurring from the lower to the upper layers of the 
                         solar atmosphere and beyond, ultimately for understanding the 
                         larger picture of solar activity. Ground-based (Swedish Solar 
                         Telescope) and space-borne (Hinode) high-resolution solar data are 
                         analyzed in a quiet-Sun region that displays negative-polarity 
                         small-scale magnetic concentrations and a cluster of bright points 
                         observed in G-band. The region is characterized by two 
                         granular-sized convective vortex-type plasma motions, one of which 
                         appears to be affecting the dynamics of magnetic features and 
                         bright points in its vicinity and is therefore the main target of 
                         our investigations. We followed the evolution of the bright 
                         points, intensity variations at different atmospheric height, and 
                         the magnetic evolution for a set of interesting selected regions. 
                         We describe the evolution of the photospheric plasma motions in 
                         the region near the convective vortex and some plausible cases for 
                         convective collapse detected in Stokes profiles.",
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