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             abstract = "Titanium and titanium alloys are currently being used for clinical 
                         biomedical applications due to their high strength, corrosion 
                         resistance and elastic modulus. However, these materials have 
                         recently been shown to exhibit ion release and poor physiological 
                         integration that may result in fibrous encapsulation and further 
                         biomaterial rejection. In order to be a successful replacement for 
                         bone current approaches for enhancing the mechanical and 
                         biological properties of Ti was alloyed Ti with Ta due to it 
                         provides greatly improved mechanical properties which include 
                         fracture toughness and workability. Studies have shown techniques 
                         such ion beam etching, heat and alkaline treatment, SBF coatings 
                         and anodization to promote altered cellular response on Ti and 
                         Ti-alloys. In this study Ti-30Ta alloy was investigated ion beam 
                         etching. The SEM was used to investigate the topography, EDS the 
                         chemical composition, and surface energy was evaluate with contact 
                         angle analyze due to the topography have effect on protein 
                         adsorption, platelet adhesion, blood coagulation and bacterial 
                         adhesion. This study concludes Ti-30Ta alloy substrate with ion 
                         beam etching was not favorable for biomedical application.",
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