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             abstract = "The IEEE 802.16 standard for wireless broadband networks includes 
                         the mesh mode in its specifications, where network nodes interact 
                         to deliver packets from a client to a remote destination through 
                         intermediate nodes. This paper presents a study of the capacity of 
                         IEEE 802.16 wireless networks in mesh mode by using M/G/1/L 
                         queuing model that represents each network node by incorporating 
                         the features of the standard in order to calculate the average 
                         delay and throughput in the node. An iterative method integrates 
                         the calculation results at each node, obtaining the end-to-end 
                         delay from any node of the mesh to the Base Station. Because of 
                         multiple hops, a node far from the Base Station may have its flows 
                         damaged. To minimize this problem, we propose a criterion for a 
                         fair distribution of resources. We show the numerical results of 
                         the model which indicate a good fit when compared with simulation 
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