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                         electromagnetic parameter measurements of bi-anisotropic 
                         metamaterial slabs without resorting to accurate information of 
                         the slab thickness and the branch index. To extract 
                         reference-plane distances, the slab thickness, and the branch 
                         index, we first approximate wave impedances and refractive index 
                         away from the slab resonance frequency and then use scattering 
                         parameters to calculate the refractive index and the branch index. 
                         Once these quantities are determined, they are used as inputs for 
                         the retrieval of electromagnetic properties of slabs over the 
                         whole band. Different approximations for refractive index and wave 
                         impedances are applied to demonstrate the applicability and 
                         accuracy of our proposed method. We tested our method for 
                         electromagnetic parameter extraction of bi-anisotropic 
                         split-ring-resonator and Omega-shaped MM slabs with different 
                         number of unit cells. From our analysis, we note that inaccurate 
                         information of reference-plane distances, the slab length, and the 
                         branch index not only changes the amplitude but also shifts the 
                         response of the electromagnetic properties. We show that the 
                         presented method can be applied for accurate electromagnetic 
                         parameter extraction of bi-anisotropic MM slabs.",
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