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             abstract = "A new approach based on the dual-tree complex wavelet transform is 
                         introduced for phase assignment to non-linear oscillators, namely, 
                         the Discrete Complex Wavelet Approach-DCWA. This methodology is 
                         able to measure phase difference with enough accuracy to track 
                         fine variations, even in the presence of Gaussian observational 
                         noise and when only a single scalar measure of the oscillator is 
                         available. So, it can be an especially interesting tool to deal 
                         with experimental data. In order to compare it with other phase 
                         detection techniques, a testbed is introduced. This testbed 
                         provides time series from dynamics similar to non-linear 
                         oscillators, such that a theoretical phase choice is known in 
                         advance. Moreover, it allows to tune different types of phase 
                         synchronization to test phase detection methods under a variety of 
                         scenarios. Through numerical benchmarks, we report that the 
                         proposed approach is a reliable alternative and that it is 
                         particularly effective compared with other methodologies in the 
                         presence of moderate to large noises.",
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