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                         investigate the climatic causes of extreme climatic events. Our 
                         approach comprises two main steps of knowledge extraction, applied 
                         successively in order to reduce the complexity of the original 
                         data set. The goal is to identify a much smaller subset of 
                         climatic variables that might still be able to describe or even 
                         predict the extreme events. The first step applies a class 
                         comparison technique. The second step consists of a decision tree 
                         learning algorithm used as a predictive model to map the set of 
                         statistically most significant climate variables identified in the 
                         previous step to classes of precipitation intensity. The 
                         methodology is employed to the study the climatic causes of two 
                         extreme events occurred in Brazil the last decade: the Santa 
                         Catarina 2008 extreme rainfall tragedy and the Amazon droughts of 
                         2005 and 2010. In both cases, our results are in good agreement 
                         with analyses published in the literature.",
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